Stanford History Education Group offers lots of great resources for history teachers. They’re hosting a couple of free webinars next week including one designed to help you help your students learn to read like a historian. If you can’t make it to the webinar or webinars just aren’t your thing (after two+ years of virtual meeting, some of us are Zoomed-out, I get it), Stanford History Education Group has some other resources that you can use to teach students how to read like a historian. You can access all of those resources for free right here. Those resources include five classroom posters that remind students of methods they can use to read like a historian

The posters in the collection are Close Reading, Contextualization, Corroboration, Sourcing, and What is History? All the posters can be downloaded as PDFs designed for printing on 18″ x 24″ paper. The posters are available in English and Spanish. To download them you do need to create a free account on the Stanford History Education Group’s website. 

If you’d like to print the posters in a larger format, you might consider using Block Posters which enables you to print large posters while using a standard size printer.