Three times in the last week I’ve answered emails from readers who were seeking suggestions for alternatives to Quizlet. Each time my answer was to try Knowt

Knowt is a free tool that I’ve written about a few time in the last couple of years. It’s a tool that you can use to create flashcards from scratch or by importing a document and letting Knowt automatically generate flashcards for you. Additionally, Knowt has a large database of flashcards that you can browse through and add into your own account. 

Knowt does more than just flashcards. It also creates practice quizzes for you. The best part of that feature is the ability to pick a target date for learning the material in a set of flashcards. That target date is then used to create a schedule of practice activities. 

Watch my short video that is embedded below to learn more about how Knowt works and why it’s a great alternative to Quizlet.