I have an open house night coming up later this week. Thinking about that reminded me of the following that I wrote six years ago about using QR codes at open house night. The concept is the same now as it was then. The tools that I recommend for making QR codes have changed a bit. 

At back-to-school night parents usually end up with collection of papers that they may or may not be saved for reference throughout the school year. Use QR codes to put the odds in your favor of the information in those papers being saved. I figure that if parents and or students scan and save information on their mobile devices, they are far more likely to retain it that way than if I gave them pieces of paper. So create QR codes and paste them on the door to your classroom or on a bulletin board in your room.

QR Code Monkey is a free QR code generator that I’ve used to create custom QR codes for Google Forms. I can also be used to create custom QR codes to distribute contact information. In this short video I demonstrate how to use QR Code Monkey and a couple of my other favorite QR code generators.