As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I’m a big fan of OPEN Phys ED because they offer great lesson plans and other resources for getting kids active in more than just the traditional gym class activities that you and I did in school decades ago. OPEN Phys Ed seems to emphasize giving kids ways to develop fun exercise habits for life. To that end, OPEN Phys Ed recently published some new resources for Family PE Week 2022

Family PE Week is October 3rd through 7th this year. The goal of the week is to encourage families to be active together. OPEN Phys Ed has some free resources to help you help families reach that goal. The first of those resources is a chart of Family PE Week at-home challenges. Those challenges include things like having a dance party, taking a walk, and playing a fun game like Bowling for Cups. The complete chart is available as a PDF, Word doc, and Google Doc for you to copy. On this page you’ll also find a template for a letter to send home to explain what Family PE Week is and the challenges for the week. 

If you’d like to extend Family PE Week or you have students whose parents are looking for some more fun exercises to do at home, point them to the bottom of the Family PE Week page where there are more than a dozen suggested activities with directions.