Sony plans to release PSVR 2 sometime in early 2023, although exactly when is still a mystery. Now a Bloomberg report maintains the company is aiming to produce 2 million units by March 2023, which would signify a sizeable uptick in sales expectations over the original PSVR.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the report maintains the 2 million figure “could be adjusted depending on the device’s sales momentum.” The company allegedly hasn’t faced any supply chain issues after initially heading into mass production in September, however.

Released in October 2016, the original PSVR for PS4 reached that two-million-unit sales mark after about 14 months on store shelves. In late 2019, Sony announced the headset has sold over five million units. By the time PSVR reached that two-million-mark Sony had already sold 70.6 million PS4s however—a large potential install base that PS5 frankly just doesn’t have yet.

Photo by Road to VR

According to sales figures obtained by Android Authority, the company has only sold five million PS5 consoles as of August 2022. The Bloomberg report maintains though PSVR 2 sales will begin with “an expected relief of supply chain bottlenecks” that affected the rollout of PlayStation 5, so it’s possible the company is looking to significantly increase production on PS5 to further maximize PSVR 2 sales.

On the standalone side of things: it’s uncertain how many Meta Quest 2 headsets have sold to date, however data obtained from independent analyst IDC maintains it reached around three million in sales in the first quarter since launch in 2020.

IDC further claims Quest 2 has already reached 14.8 million units sold as of June 2022. Standalone headsets present the best-case scenario for headset sales right now since they include onboard processing, giving you everything you need in one box.

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