A few days ago I published on our Facebook page this beautiful visual featuring some interesting tips to help you spot fake news. The visual is created by IFLA and is available for free download in PDF format. If you are looking for other resources to help you teach students how to spot fake news, the visual below is a good material to add to your list. 

This is a graphic I created based on guidelines provided by Facebook Help Centre. ‘Students can use them to evaluate digital content and enhance their critical reading comprehension.  We have embedded these tips into the visual below so you can print and share with your students in class.’

Helping students spot fake news is an important part of their overall media and news literacy. In a digitally focused world where all kinds of news are just a tweet away, students are required to develop robust skills and practices to help them navigate this ocean of unreliable data in a safer and more confident ways. 

Checkology is another good platform I would recommend for teachers and educators. It offers a wide variety of resources and materials to enhance students media and news literacy. Check it out to learn more.

A free PDF copy from of this visual is available from this page.