Last week a reader emailed me to ask for help adding background music to a PowerPoint presentation. He mentioned that he was using the web browser-based version of PowerPoint and was having trouble getting audio to play in the background throughout the presentation. Fortunately, there was a fairly easy fix that I was able to share with him. As is the case with many questions like that one, the best way to explain it was to show it with a short screencast video. 

In this short video I demonstrate how to add background music to your PowerPoint presentations and play it on a continuous loop. In the video I also mention a great place to find free music to use in your presentations. 

Applications for Education
Adding background music on a continuous loop can be a good way to enhance a little introductory presentation for the start of a class meeting. I’d put together a few slides that have things like the day’s agenda and a “do now” activity for students then play it for students as they come into class.