Riddle is a simple and easy to use quiz maker that allows you to create a wide variety of interactive quizzes, surveys, and polls. You can either use ready-made quiz templates or build your own quiz from scratch. Riddle quizzes can contain various multimedia materials including videos, audio clips, images, GIFs, and MP4 video clips. 

Riddle offers different sharing options including embedding quizzes in your website or blog or sharing them via email. As the audience takes your quizzes, Riddle generates detailed analytic reports allowing you to access data about your quiz views, shares, completion rates, and many more. 

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Riddle’s enhanced security system allows quiz creators to protect audience responses and control who can access their quizzes. These security features include limit voting once per browser session, turn on/off vote again button, limit votes coming from a single IP address, limit voting by time, and many more.

Riddle is also one of the best quiz and poll making tools for teachers and educators. Teachers can use Riddle to create interactive quizzes to share directly with students or to embed in their classroom blog or website. You can create surveys and opinion polls to learn more about what students think about a given topic. Make your quizzes engaging by adding images, video, GIFs, and audio clips. From formative assessment to exit tickets, Riddle can help you enhance students engagement and increase their participation. 

Adding multimedia to Riddle quizzes

Riddle users can create quizzes that contain images, video, audio, and GIFs. Riddle supports images and GIFs from the following sites: Google Image, Pexels, Facebook, and Giphy. Alternatively, you can upload your own images and visuals. 

As for videos, you can use videos from YouTube and Vimeo or you can upload your own video and audio files directly into your quizzes. Riddle quizzes can also embed publicly available tweets.

Watch this video to learn more about how to add multimedia to your Riddle quizzes. 

Riddle quiz formats

Riddle offers 15 types of quiz formats arranged into five main categories: Personality Test, Scored,  Response,  Journey, and Story.

A. Personality test

In a personality test, results are calculated based on the way you answer the questions. There is no right or wrong answer. An example of personality test includes: What’s your travel style?

B. Scored

Scored questions contain right or wrong answers and are arranged into the following formats:
  Quiz: Users answer right or wrong questions  Tap and find: It includes two fun modes: image search and spot the difference. In Tap and Find users tap and find answers in images.   Order It: these are quizzes that require audience to arrange items in the correct order  Quiz generator: ‘Upload a bank of questions by spreadsheet – and show new questions to your quiz takers, every hour/day/week (your choice)>’

C. Response

These quiz types are used to get audience opinions. These include:
  Multi-poll: This is an opinion poll that contains voting and ranking type questions including multiple questions.  Opinion poll: Users are provided with a question and a set of answer options to choose from.  Reaction poll: Users provide their opinions using a slider to express ‘strongly agree’ or ‘strongly disagree’.  Ranked poll: Users are required to drag and drop their favourite options in order  Upvote list: Users upvotes their favourites from lists  Surveys: These are used to explore people’s opinions using single, multiple choice, and free text downloadable answers.

D. Journey

Journey is Riddle’s “choose your own adventure’ style quiz – the branching logic shows each user a question based on their previous answer. (Ex. ‘What computer should I buy?’)”.

E. Story

Story contains the following types:
  List: “the classic listicle is great for showing content in an easy-to read format (‘9 cities to visit this year’, ‘7 classic interview mistakes’).” Story: “Quiz meets blog post – create a rich long-form story. Embed social media, images, and other Riddle quizzes”
Watch this video to learn more about which video type should you make

Riddle quiz statistics

Riddle stats reports allow quiz creators to access detailed analytics about the performance of your quizzes. These include information about views (how many people view your quiz), engagements (tracks the number of people who click and interact with your quiz), completions (track the number of people who finished the quiz), shares (number of people who shared your quizzes on social media websites, etc), time on site (‘how long your quiz takers spend with your quiz’), leads (number of people who completed your lead form), and many more.

Riddle pricing

Riddle offers three plan types: Basic ($29/month), Pro ($49/month), and Team ($249/month). The Pro and Team plans offer all the features of Basic plus the ability to add your logos, add vimeo videos, email personalized quiz results, add call to action buttons, upload your own MP4 videos, and many more.

Similar Tools
Similar quiz making tools include; Quizalize, Quizizz,  and Quizlet.