GeoGeek AR is a fun app for testing and developing your knowledge of world geography. As its name and icon imply, the app uses augmented reality to put a virtual globe in any space that you choose. You can spin the globe with your fingers or simply move around the room to see different parts of the globe. 

GeoGeek AR is basically a quiz game. Players have to identify places by tapping on the globe. Questions are presented in two ways. The first is simply the name of a place appearing on screen followed by the prompt to tap on the globe to identify where you think that place is. The second way questions are presented is with a place being highlighted on the globe and then a list of four multiple choice options from which to pick. 
Applications for Education
GeoGeek AR doesn’t require you to register in order to play. That can make it a good option for use on shared classroom iPads. Overall, it’s a fun little game for practicing place identification.