Today’s post features Google Docs templates that teachers and students can use for a wide variety of educational purposes. The purpose is to empower you with resources that can make a difference in your overall productivity and add value to your work. 

Docs templates are pretty basic in terms of design and layout but they do offer powerful editing features to help you create professional looking materials. Think of these Docs templates as sources of inspiration, some sort of a springboard towards creating a more personalized design, one that has your own touch and reflects your own teaching/learning needs.

Google Docs templates are available for free from Docs gallery. All you need is a Google account. Docs templates cover various categories including:  Google Docs book templates, Google Docs notes templates, Google Docs resume templates, Google Docs essay templates, Google Docs report templates, Google Docs lesson plan templates, and many more. 

You can browse through the collection, select the template you are interested in and start customizing it the way you like. Once completed, you can download, print, or publish it online. 

In this post, I particularly want to draw your attention to these handy Google Docs templates featured in the Education section. To access these templates, head over to Google Docs templates gallery and scroll to the bottom of the page. 

1. Google Docs resume templates

There are five different Google Docs resume templates in Docs gallery. Each template comes with a specific set of colours, sections, layouts, and design.   Some are one-column layout and others are composed of two columns. Go through them and see which ones stand out to you. Share with your students and help them practice creating resumes. 

2. Google Docs essay templates

Google Docs essay templates, as their name indicate, help students with their essay writing. As of writing these lines, Docs gallery contains two essay templates: Essay Playful and Essay Paperback. Essay Playful is pretty basic. 

It consists of a header which contains a visual of a cat followed by title and student name and grade, and the body of the essay consisting of several paragraphs. all of these are placed in the header section. The Essay Paperback is a little bit different it has a colorful background, flashy headlines, neat typography and different sections.

3. Google Docs letter and book report templates

These Docs letter templates help students with the design of book reports and various types of letters including: formal, informal, and business letters. Keep in mind that these templates are only for help with the layout or design and not the actual writing. 

4. Google Docs notes templates

Google Docs template gallery includes three interesting notes templates, called class notes, that students can adapt for their own learning purposes. Each of these templates provide students with customizable layouts to edit and use to jot down their notes. 

5. Google Docs lesson plan templates

There are three good Google Docs lesson templates in the template gallery: : Lesson plan by Reading Rainbow, Lesson Plan (Playful), and Lesson Plan (Simple). The Playful and Simple are actually the same lesson plan outline in different versions. I have already reviewed these templates in a previous post, check it out to learn more.