C-SPAN Classroom is one of my go-to sources of ideas for lessons on current events related to U.S. government and politics. Membership in C-SPAN Classroom is free and provides members with lots of digital and physical resources. One of the resources C-SPAN Classroom is currently offering to members is a poster about the Electoral College. This is an update to the one that they offered back in 2016. You can request a printed, full-size copy of the poster right here and get a smaller JPG version of it here

C-SPAN’s 2024 Electoral College Map shows the number of Electoral votes each state has in 2024. The poster also includes the Electoral vote and popular vote tallies of the every election dating back to 1900. 

Applications for Education
The poster on its own is nice, but students will need some guidance in understanding what all of the information really means. To that end C-SPAN Classroom offers free lesson plans about the Electoral College including this one titled The Electoral College and the Constitution