A couple of weeks ago I published an introductory overview of a new digital mapping platform called Felt. As I said in that introduction, I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all of the things that students can do and make on Felt. One of those things is the ability to quickly and easily map walking, running, and biking routes. Those routes can be displayed in a variety of colors on the map. Another neat feature is the option to overlay any image onto the map. 

In this short video I demonstrate how to use Felt to create a map of a bicycling route. In the video I also demonstrate how to overlay an image onto a map

Applications for Education
Creating a map of walking or bicycling routes can be a good way for students to familiarize themselves with their communities. It’s also a good way for physical education teachers to map short routes for their classes.

Image overlays are helpful when you have an image of an old map or an image of how a place used to look. Overlay the image on its corresponding location to show students a “then and now” perspective.

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