As I wrote at the start of this school year, OPEN Phys Ed is the resource that would be at the top of my bookmarks if I was a physical education teacher. One of the many things that I appreciate about OPEN Phys Ed is that there is an emphasis on lesson plans and games that can engage children of all ages and athleticism. I also appreciate that OPEN provides free lesson plans and activity templates for all seasons of the year. As a case in point, OPEN recently published a new collection of winter-themed physical education lesson plans

Winter Wonderland is OPEN Phys Ed’s of more than two dozen activity templates and free lesson plans that have a winter theme. In the collection you’ll find elementary school and middle school lesson plans for fun phys ed games like snowflake maps, polar bear caves, and snowman & sunshine (links open PDFs). All of the Winter Wonderland materials are available to download as PDFs and as Word documents. 

Applications for Education
In the winter it can be hard to stay active because of the cold and or lack of daylight. Winter Wonderland games could provide a fun way to keep kids active during the winter months even when kids can’t get outside.