Picture This app is a plant identifier that enables users to snap pictures of plants, flowers, trees, herbs, and shrubs and submit them to the app for identification. The app’s database includes over 100.000 plants and over 17.000 plant species, which increases the chances of getting accurate information about plants and flowers you submit for identification. The app also offers a notification service that allows you to get reminders to take care of your greenery.

Picture This app does not only identify plants and flowers but offers a wide variety of educational resources including plant care tips and reminders. Students can use the step by step care instructions to learn about how to take good care of their plants. They can learn when it’s time to water, fertilize, and clean their plants. They can even use the app’s light meter to track how much sunlight the plan is receiving.

Another excellent feature offered by Picture This app is that of identifying plant diseases. You can simply snap a photo of a sick plant or upload one from your camera roll and the app will automatically diagnose the plant disease and will provide you with tips and resources on how to cure the ailment. And in the event that you have questions about a particular plant disease, you can directly email plant experts and botanists for treatment advice.

There are also several other ways to use Picture This app in your own day to day life. For instance, you can create collections of your favorite plants and flowers to share with others. Additionally, you can use Picture This to “get advice on your next plant purchase based on the skills required, your gardening space and more.”

How to use Picture This app with students?

Picture This has a huge educational potential. It is a great way to enhance students’ plant (and botanical) knowledge and develop their ecological literacy. There are various ways to use it in your class. For instance, you can use Picture This app in your teaching to help students learn more about plants, flowers, herbs, and trees. You can assign students to use the app to, for instance, collect information about their favorite plants or flowers.

Students can upload or take pictures of their favorite plants or plants they come across during their walk. They can bring them to class and share them with students showing them their names and explaining tips to take care of them.

Another way to use Picture This app is to engage students in open discussions about toxic planting. You can collect pictures of sick plants either from the Internet or take them yourself and let students use the app to identify the plant sickness and discuss its causes and treatment using the provided care guides.

This app can also be used in quiz activities where students share photos of plants or trees and ask their peers to use the app to identify them and talk about them.

How much does Picture This app cost?

Picture This app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store but it offers various in-app purchases including Picture This Premium ($29.99). Picture This Gold ($2.99 and $5.99), Picture This Plus ($34.99), Picture This Platinum ($49.99), Picture This Family Plan ($49.99). This app also supports various languages including Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Greek, German, and many more.