On Wednesday I published a short video about how to create image revealing effects in Google Slides. Shortly afterwards a viewer emailed me with a question about doing something similar in PowerPoint. I was happy to help by recording this new video to demonstrate how to create image revealing effects in PowerPoint. 

Creating an image revealing effect in PowerPoint is basically a matter of layering images then using the animation tools to set the sequence in which an image is removed from a slide when it is clicked. Watch the video that is embedded below to see how that’s done.

Video – How to Create Image Revealing Effects in PowerPoint

Applications for Education
Using the image revealing effect could be a good way to create a series of quiz game slides. On each slide you can have a question for which the answer is hidden until you click on the slide to reveal the answer. That could be a fun way to host an in-classroom review game that is kind of like Jeopardy.