Yesterday I published Ten Canva Features for Students – An Experiment. The first part of the experiment was publishing a blog post that was written entirely by the artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT. The second part of the experiment was to compare the visits to that blog post with those of blog posts on the same topic. That part is still a work in progress. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a short overview of ChatGPT (not written by me, not ChatGPT). 

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that will create documents for you based on some minimal input from you. For example, I simply typed into ChatGPT “Ten Canva Features for Students” and got the article that you saw yesterday. ChatGPT can also be used to create poems like this one about the sunglasses worn by Geraint Thomas

With a little tweaking of what you put into ChatGPT you can create longer articles than the one that I published yesterday. A simple, “tell me more” or “what about X” can generate more material from ChatGPT. 

Later this week I’m going to publish a longer article about the potential good and bad of tools like ChatGPT. Until then, take a look at the video embedded below to see how it works. 

Video – A Short Overview of ChatGPT