Last week Canva opened access to their highly anticipated Canva Documents tool. It includes all of the features that you’d probably expect to find in a modern document creation tool. Those include collaboration, commenting, and many formatting options. Canva Documents also includes an artificial intelligence feature that’s called Magic Write. 

Magic Write is the artificial intelligence tool built into Canva Docs. Magic Write works in a manner that is quite similar to the ChatGPT tool that I wrote about yesterday. To use Magic Write you simply select it from the insert menu in Canva Docs. Once Magic Write is opened you then enter a short prompt like “green screen video tips” and Magic Write generates a short list or paragraph for you (formatting depends on the prompt). You can then insert that writing into your document as it was written or you can edit it before including it in your document. Watch this short video to see how Magic Write in Canva works. 

Video – How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Canva Documents

Applications for Education
As I wrote yesterday, there are a lot of potential ramifications of this kind of technology in school settings. Some of those are good, some are bad. Later this week I’ll publish a longer blog post about the use of AI writing tools in school settings.

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