A little over a month ago I was worried that my days of using the Google Keep Chrome extension to bookmark websites were coming to an end. Based on the number of views of that blog post and the emails that I got in response to it, I wasn’t the only one who had that worry. Fortunately, we were all worried for nothing. The Google Keep Chrome extension was updated last week and it can still be used to bookmark websites. The difference is that the steps for bookmarking with the Keep Chrome extension are a little different than before. 

In this new video I demonstrate how to use the updated version of the Google Keep Chrome extension to bookmark interesting websites. The updated version of the extension now makes you click “Create Note” after clicking on the extension. The previous version didn’t require that extra step. Just like the previous version of the Keep Chrome extension, you can still add comments and labels to your bookmarks. 

Video – Bookmarking With the Updated Google Keep Chrome Extension

Applications for Education
One of the things that I’ve always like about bookmarking websites with Google Keep is that you can easily access your bookmarks while working on a Google Document or Google Slides presentation. That makes it easy to find and insert citations for the references used in those documents and presentations.