Padlet is a tool that I’ve been using for over a decade in a wide variety of classroom settings. In fact, I’ve been using for so long that I’ve seen it evolve from a simple tool called Wall Wisher in 2009 to the multimedia sharing, brainstorming, and mapping tool that it is today. The latest step in the development of Padlet is a new notification system that many teachers should find helpful. 

The new notification system in Padlet adds new layers of control to the notifications you receive about your Padlet walls and about those that you follow. 

As the creator of a Padlet wall you can now specify whether or not you want to receive notifications when people add new notes, new comments, and new reactions to your wall. You can also receive notifications when someone new follows your wall and when someone invites you to collaborate on a wall. 

Another new option you might find helpful is the ability to follow a Padlet user. That means you can see when they create a new public wall and when they make public comments or reactions to posts on a Padlet wall. 

Applications for Education
I think the new option to get notifications whenever a student adds a post or comment to a wall that you’ve created for your classroom could be great. Rather than having to manually check to see if students have made submissions outside of classroom hours, you can now be notified when they try to add to a wall you’ve created for your class.

For ideas on using Padlet in your classroom, take a look at this playlist of ideas and tutorials.