What is Quilgo?

Quilgo is a web tool and Google add-on that allows you to time quizzes created on Google Forms. You can specify the duration of the quiz and choose whether or not  you want to force forms to close when the time is over. 

Keep in mind that if you choose to have forms automatically close after the time is over students will have to submit their forms within the allotted time frame or else they can not. When you do not activate this option you will be able to see how long students spend overtime working on their quiz.

Quilgo also offers camera tracking (premium feature) allowing you to see video snapshots of your students while they are working on their quiz. With this feature on, you will be provided with details on where students channeled their focus and whether they were distracted or not as they were working on the quiz. Once students submit their forms you will get access to detailed data about their submission with the ability to export data for further analysis.

Quilgo works in four easy ways: 
Link your Google Form with QuilgoCreate timed tests by providing your students’ email addressesSend a single link to your studentsOnce the tests are attended, see reports in your dashboard

To start using Quilgo you need to set up an account. The process is simple and easy: First install the Quilgo add-on, then sign-up with Quilgo web service, and follow the instructions in your Quilgo dashboard.
Once installed and is properly functioning, you will see  a Quilgo Submission ID field  in your Google Form and you should not delete or edit it otherwise Quilgo won’t be able to record form submission time.
Also, Quilgo requires the form to be unrestricted, meaning, you need to keep “Requires sign-in” checkboxes OFF. Additionally, “Edit after submit” and “Show link to submit another response” settings are turned off. ‘This is to prevent respondents from modifying answers after form submission.’
To import a Google Form, you need to open the Quilgo add-on in your Google Form and click on ‘Enable add-on’.  As for embedding timers, you are required to create tests and send them to students. ‘Each test is unique. All tests have name, email, duration and some additional options.’

In Quilgo Dashboard you will find two experimental features : Always in Focus and Unfocused. The earlier, Always in Focus, allows you to see how focused students were when they were taking the test. Unfocused, on the other hand, shows the time spent outside the form, for example browsing the web.

Can I set a timer per each question?

Quilgo timer works with the whole Google form and can not be set for a specific question

Can answers be submitted automatically?

This option is not available right now. Students are required to click on the Submit button to provide their answers. 

Does Quilgo work on mobile devices?

‘Quilgo tests are working on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones in any modern popular browser. The Quilgo Dashboard is currently available for desktops and laptops only.’

How much does Quilgo cost?

Quilgo is a fremium service. The free version provides access to a limited set of features including: 1 user, 50 test per month, the ability to add a timer to Google Form, and exam mode (set a specific timeframe for conducting tests). There are three pro plans: premium ($7 per month), unlimited ($9 per month), and organization ($44 per month).

Sons of Technology has done a wonderful job explaining how to create timed exams using Quilgo. Watch this video to learn more.