Slideator is a free tool that you can use to add voice-over and webcam recordings to your slides. Slideator works with just about any type of slideshow that you own. You can even use it with a set of slides that you have in PDF. In addition to adding your voice-over and webcam recording to your slides, Slideator lets you draw, type, and highlight on your slides.

To use Slideator simply upload your slides in whatever format they are currently in. Then you can record a voice-over with or without your webcam turned on. When you have finished recording on Slideator you can share it publicly or keep it unlisted and only share it with a small audience. Watch the short video that I have embedded below to see how Slideator works. 

Applications for Education
Slideator provides an easy way to turn an existing set of your slides into a short video lesson to share with your students. You can do similar things with some of the tools built into PowerPoint, Keynote, and Canva. The nice thing about Slideator is that it provides the recording and hosting tools in one place so that you don’t have to record and then upload the video to another site.