PDF software is an efficient tool that can help you quickly perform PDF-related tasks. These days, the PDF format has grown tremendously popular due to its applications in different work environments. Whether creating notes for students or sharing an important curriculum with them, PDF format is always essential.

PDF tools benefit all professions; from business executives to students. In this post, we’ll cover how educators  can benefit from using an efficient PDF tool like UPDF. Plus, we will be sharing a bonus discount, so stick to the end of the article to discover it!

How UPDF Can Help the Educators?

UPDF is a competitive all-in-one PDF software that assists you in performing PDF-related tasks feasibly. Not only is it efficient, but it is also time-saving, which will help you utilize your time well.

UPDF allows users to edit, create, convert, annotate, share, encrypt, decrypt, organize, and perform other PDF tasks in no time. The user interface of UPDF is so convenient that you will be able to access it with ease.

Edit PDF

The PDF editing feature will always come in handy when it comes to making slight changes to the PDF file. For instance, you’ve converted your Word document notes into PDF format and want to make slight changes to the PDF file before submission.

UPDF will prevent you from undergoing trouble and enable you to make changes in the PDF format itself. You can add text, remove text, edit previously written text, and change font parameters. In addition, you can edit PDF images by replacing, deleting, adding, and rotating the image of a PDF file.

Annotate PDF
While learning, writing important points on a notepad is crucial to improve active revision. With UPDF, you can highlight, strikethrough, underline, and add a squiggly line to the text.

That’s not the end! You can add comments via textboxes, sticky notes, and more. It allows the users to add shapes, stickers, etc., to your PDF file to aid you in revision.

Convert PDF
UPDF supports converting PDF files into 14 different formats to make documents more manageable. Let’s say you have a PDF file with images of a school competition. It is best to convert it into image format and share it with others. UPDF can convert PDF into four different image formats (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF). Now, you can convert it without any trouble!

OCR Conversion
Have you ever wondered how convenient it would be to convert PDF files into different formats and access and edit them accordingly? If yes, you’ll be surprised to hear about this feature in UPDF. With UPDF, you can convert your PDF using OCR technology into 14 different formats.

Yes, you got that right! This way, you’ll be able to convert PDF into formats like .pptx, .docx, .xlsx, etc., and edit the way you want. Moreover, it supports over 38 languages, uniquely identifies each character from the PDF, and converts it into an editable and searchable format.

There are also other features like sharing, adding passwords, removing passwords, etc., that you can use to your benefit. So, to find out more, be sure to visit their website!

Why Do Educators Group Need a PDF Editor?

Every profession requires PDF tools to utilize the PDF format to its perfection. Yet, the usefulness of PDF tools is more required for educators group than any other occupation. You’ll see every student converting their .docx assignment to .pdf just to retain its formatting.

In addition, teachers will upload their notes in PDF format to prevent them from copying or delivering the class results to the head teacher by labeling them as “finalized.” Here are the top reasons why educators need a PDF editor.

1. Creating Notes
Most school notes are stored in a PDF format. PDF software, like UPDF, allows you to create a new PDF by scanning a picture or choosing a layout to create a PDF from scratch. You can add text via text boxes and images to give it the complete shape of PDF notes.

2. Sharing Confidential Documents
There is a necessity for the teacher and the school admin to keep a few files private. That being the case, PDF passwords come in handy. You can encrypt the PDF file with a password and share it with the admin.

They can enter a password to access the PDF file, while the rest of the audience won’t be able to access it without entering the password.

3. Paperless Learning
The production of paper is destroying forest life. In order to contribute to making the earth a better place to live, it would be best to avoid using paper. That’s where the use of PDF files and tools would become a necessity.

4. Digitalization
Printing notes for learning is expensive. You’ll have to spend at least 50 bucks to print a 5-chapter subject notes. However, if you prefer digitalization, you’ll be able to read from class notes without spending money on printing them.

Highlights of UPDF

Here are some of the top highlights of UPDF that you need to know about.

1. User-Friendly Interface
UPDF is designed for both beginners and pro users. You can use the software with ease and perform tasks without any trouble. From editing to converting, every task is super quick and easy to perform.

2. Super Affordable
Despite the top-notch functionality of the software, the price of the software is meager. You can purchase UPDF for less than $50 per year, which is surprisingly low.

3. Offline Software
As UPDF is available offline, you won’t have to deal with connectivity issues. Your files will be saved automatically, and you can access the software without the internet.

4. Single Account is Supported Across All Platforms
The UPDF software is compatible across all popular including Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. The best thing is that you can use a single account on all platforms. It will save money and help you use it for a better cause.

5. Available in 11 Different Languages
Educators can be from any part of the world. That being the case, UPDF is trying its best to create software that is accessible to everyone. You can use UPDF in 11 languages, including Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

6. 24/7 Developers Support
UPDF’s team tries its best to tackle all problems and fix bugs as soon as encountered. In addition, they are continuously upgrading the software with new features and making it easy for the users.

Wrapping Up

UPDF is an offline PDF software that works incredibly quickly with accuracy. Plus, it is super affordable, so you won’t have trouble purchasing it. The wait is over! As promised, we’ll share with you the top-notch sale of UPDF! You can purchase UPDF this Christmas with 56% off and a free lifetime license of PDF Password Remover tool giveaway!

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Disclaimer. This is a promoted post written by UPDF staff.