The purpose of this post is to provide you with a helpful teacher-tested apps that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. These are apps I have covered in previous reviews and have been recommending for teachers, parents and students over the last few years

For practical reasons and for ease of navigation, I organized these Android apps into multiple categories. Each category includes a representative sample of what I believe are the best apps in it. 

This post was initially published in 2016 and since then some of the apps that were featured in the initial collection are either out of service or are being replaced by new better apps. I updated the collection to include timely Android apps for teachers and students. 

Of course, the collection is not comprehensive and I will be adding more resources to it. I also invite you to share with us your suggestions for Android apps you use with your kids and students. Make sure you bookmark this page for future reference.

1. Android Apps for Note Taking

Here are some my favourite Android note taking apps to help you capture your thoughts on the go. Some of the features provided by these apps include the ability to record audio notes with automatic transcription, create to-dos in a distraction-free environment, and more.

2. Android Apps for Creating Blogs and Websites

These are Android apps to help you easily set up blogs and websites without any prior HTM or CSS knowledge. The apps offer a simple and easy to use editor where you can drag and drop elements to set up your blog or website. 


3. Android Presentation Apps

These are my favourite Android apps for creating and sharing presentations on the go. The apps offer a wide variety of features including: pre-designed templates, ready-made elements, different text fonts, images, and more.

Google SlidesPowerPointZoho Show

4. Android Reference Apps

Below are Android apps that will help you easily generate citations for different sources including books, journals, websites, videos, etc, and in different citation formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard styles, etc.

Citation MakerRefMeAPA ReferencingCite it Now

5. Android Video Editing Apps

These are some of the best Android apps I have been recommending for teachers and educators over the last few years. They enable you to record, edit and share various types of videos. They offer pre-made video templates to use in different video projects and their editors are simple and easy. 

Magisto Video Editor & MakerWeVideo Video EditorFilmoraGo

6. Android Apps for Creating Concept Maps

Using these Android apps you will enable you to record your thoughts in the form of mind maps and concept maps. They will also enable you to generate new thoughts, organize them the way you want, and share them in different formats.


7. Android Apps for Teaching Kids Coding

These are Android apps that help your kids learn coding through interactive games, step-by-step tutorials, lessons, game-based coding exercises, and many more.

TynkerLigthbotSololearn: Learn to CodeCodecademy GoProgramming HeroGrasshopperCode AdventuresScratch Jr

8. Android Apps for Recording Audio

These Android apps enable you to easily record and share audio. You can use them to record meetings, notes, classes, discussions, speeches, and many more.

Easy Voice RecorderVoice RecorderVoice Recorder ProDictaphone

9. Android Apps for Reading and Literacy

Use these Android apps with your kids to help them develop their reading and literacy skills. The apps offer interactive reading materials designed specifically for young readers, practice activities, lessons, learning videos, audiobooks, and many more.

Starfall Learn to ReadRead Along by GoogleReading EggsEpic: Kids Books and Reading

10. Android Apps for Learning A New Language

These are some of the best apps you and your students can use to learn new languages on the go. They offer tutorials, bite-sized lessons, and various activities to practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing.