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After a rough economic year in 2022, and things not looking like they are going to turn around soon as we head into 2023, I thought many of you could appreciate a few ideas like these! I’ve been working a bunch side gigs myself for going on 15 years now. You can do it if you wish! 

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– K. Walsh, EmergingEdTech Founder 

Education is always changing and evolving, but those changes have been especially intense in recent years. Many teachers are still recovering from the stress and logistical craziness brought about by pandemic restrictions, struggling to adopt new curriculums and policies – and if you’re like most other teachers, you may not be thrilled about your salary, either.

But one of the perks of living at this time is that there are many side gigs that can supplement your income (some education-related and some not). You can improve your financial situation without compromising your rewarding teaching career by picking up a side hustle. Today, EmergingEdTech shares some practical business tips and side gig ideas for teachers like you!

Embracing Entrepreneurship

First things first: learn to think like a business person. You may not be launching a full-fledged company, but if you want your side gig to make money, you must approach it as a business.

Create a business plan and research any funding, technology, and equipment necessary to complete your daily tasks. Make sure there is a market for your business idea, and create customer profiles to use for your marketing strategies.

Another thing to consider is forming a limited liability company (LLC), which can provide pass-through taxation and protect your personal assets. Each state has regulations around establishing an LLC, so just make sure you understand your state’s rules before diving in. Learn more about how to start an LLC and consider working with a formation service.

6 Side Gigs for Teachers

So, you’ve put on your entrepreneur hat and are ready to explore business ideas. Many teachers across the country are supplementing their income through these six side gigs:

1. Tutoring

Tutoring might be the most natural side gig because it revolves around teaching. Look for local opportunities to tutor kids in your specialty or use an online platform that helps match you with students. You can set your own rates; most tutors charge $30 – $60 an hour.

2. Online Teaching

Another option if you want to teach in your side gig is to create an online course to sell on an online platform and generate passive income. Several marketplaces allow teachers to upload courses on virtually any topic you can think of.

3. Creating Printables

This is another excellent opportunity to generate passive income. You can create printables and sell them as long as you wish online. Budget templates, lesson plans, chore charts, meal planners, habit trackers, and intake forms are a few digital files you can upload and sell on Etsy.

4. Freelance Writing

As a teacher, chances are you’re at least a competent writer. But if you are particularly skilled in grammar, you could succeed as a freelance writer. Websites, companies, and individuals are always looking for content writers to produce landing pages and blog posts. Sign up on a job board like Fiverr or Upwork and start connecting with potential clients.

5. Starting a Blog

You could also start your own blog writing about topics you’re passionate about. You might be surprised how quickly and easily you can build an attractive website to host your blog. If you enjoy it enough, you might consider getting into affiliate marketing to boost your income.

6. Online Surveys

Did you know that you can get paid to share your opinion on various topics? Use sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and American Consumer Opinion to fill out surveys and earn extra cash.


If you’re like many other teachers across the US, you could use a little boost to your income. The good news is that there are many ways to earn extra cash without stepping foot from your home. Consider the ideas above, and remember to approach your side gig as a business to position yourself for success.



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