Canva’s new documents tool has a bunch of great features that I highlighted in a video last month. One of those features is the ability to embed just about anything into the body of your document. In the demonstration that I gave last month I embedded videos and presentations. You can also embed Google Maps into the body of your Canva documents. As you can see in the video at the bottom of this post, the map is fully functional when it is embedded into the document. 

Google Documents has a feature called Smart Chips that lets you include live previews of Google Maps in the body of your document. When you use the Google Maps Smart Chip the map that you include is previewed when you hover your mouse over the word associated with the place you’ve mapped. Clicking through the preview lets you see a full size version of the Google Map. How to use this feature is explained in the first part of the video that is embedded below. 

Video – How to Include Google Maps in Your Documents

Applications for Education
Of the two options that I featured in the video above, the option to include maps in Canva Documents is the better one. Including interactive maps in the body of the document could be a great addition to reference materials and study guides that your students or you create for geography lessons.