Crossword Labs  is a simple and free  crossword puzzle maker that allows you to design, print, and solve crossword puzzles online. No software download and no registration is required. Crossword Labs was built by Matt Johnson, the guy behind  JeopardyLabs and Bingo Baker.

Crossword puzzles are key in learning. They can help develop students vocabulary skills, improve concentration,  and enhance language learning. Crossword puzzles also boost cognitive abilities and spatial thinking skills.  Scientific studies proved that for older people doing crossword puzzles late in life can delay the onset of cognitive decline,  prevent dementia and enhance their mental acuity. 

How to create a crossword puzzle on Crossword Labs? 

Before you  create your crossword puzzle you can browse through ready-made crossword puzzles for inspiration. The site’s library contains tons of crossword puzzles created by users from all around the world. Use the search box to locate puzzles you are interested in. 
To create your own crossword puzzle, head over to Crossword Labs and use the template provided in their homepage. Type in the title of your crossword puzzle, enter or paste words into the input box. One word/clue pair per line. Under the input box you can type in a passcode for your crossword puzzle. A passcode will enable you to not only protect the answer key but will also enable you to edit your puzzle later on.
Crossword Labs offer three sharing options: You can make your puzzle public making it visible in search engines so that anyone can find, view, solve and print your puzzles. Hidden in which case only those with the URL of your puzzle can access, and Private only you can access it. You can also print/export your crossword puzzle to PDF or Microsoft Word or download is as an image.