How about teaching math through videos? The YouTube channels below are some of the best math channels to help your students and young learners explore  the world of Math and develop mathematical thinking. These channels provide a wide variety of  videos, tutorials and animated courses covering different mathematical concepts from algebra to geometry. 

Whether you are teaching in class or remotely, these videos resources will definitely help you amp up your math instruction. Check them out and share with us if you have other suggestions to add to the list.

1- Math TV

MathTV is a great YouTube Math channel. It features over 10,000 instructional videos to help students learn everything about math from basic math through calculus. Each problem is solved  by various instructors.

2- Khan Academy

This list would be incomplete without Khan Academy in it. The channel embeds math courses and video tutorials covering a large spectrum of math concepts. Simply browse through their playlists and choose the videos you want to use with your students.

3- Numberphile

This is another popular math channel on YouTube. It features math videos with a primary focus on numbers.

4- Techmath

Tech math is a channel that  ‘obsesses over methods to make maths easier! [It provides] Math Tricks for fast results!’

5- PatrickJMT

This channel is run by a former math instructor and provides a wide variety of videos tackling different math problems.

6- ProfRobBob

ProfRobBob channels  provides  “full length lessons with multiple examples covering topics from Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Calculus, and Statistics.”

7- Mathantics

Another great channel for math teachers. Mathantics features tons of video tutorials on everything related to Math.

8-  Professor Leonard

Professor Leonard is a YouTube math channel  dedicated to quality mathematics education. Math videos are arranged into several playlists for you to browse. 

9- Krista King

Krista ‘recorded tons of videos and written out cheat-sheet style notes and formula sheets to help every math student—from basic middle school classes to advanced college calculus—figure out what’s going on, understand the important concepts, and pass their classes, once and for all.’

10- Free Math Videos

This channel is also run by a math teacher who offers free math tutoring and videos to help students ‘gain better understanding of mathematics’.

11- PBS Math Club

PBS Math Club  ‘covers the 7th grade Common Core Standard for math; topics like adding and subtracting integers, equations, ratios and proportions, and statistics.’

12- Mashup Math

MashUp Math is “a mathematics education YouTube channel run by young teachers on a mission to meet the unique needs of students with a visual learning preference.”

13- Math Meeting

Math Meeting covers almost all ‘math subjects from basic level math through upper level calculus and statistics’.

14- Learn Math Tutorials

This YouTube channel provides a tons of video tutorials covering different math topics including binary numbers, calculus, intermediate algebra, logarithms, circles, pythagorean theorem, basic math, and many more.

15- The Video Math Tutor

The Video Math Tutor offers a variety of math tutoring videos ‘plus many helpful study tips, calculator tips, and “Brain Teasers.”’

16- TeacherTube Math

Another great math channel that covers topics such as fractions, multiplication, elementary math, middle school math, high school math, college math, and anymore.

17- Mathbff

This channel offers math videos covering algebra and calculus from a MIT graduate.

18- Simon Deacon

Simon Deacon channel offers math help for students of all ages. “Real maths, tips, resources, videos, word problems, numeracy, arithmetic, games, BIG questions, past papers are all either on the channel or the Maths Wrap website.”

19- NumberRock Math Songs

This channels provides animated math videos and educational songs for kids to make math learning fun and engaging.

20- HEGARTY Maths

Hegarty Maths is a math YouTube channel that  provides “help to students out there who need a little extra help and cannot afford tutoring. I produce the channel for free in my free time outside my full time job as a maths teacher.”