OPEN Phys ED is one of my favorite websites because they offer great lesson plans and other resources for getting kids active in more than just the traditional gym class activities of years gone by. OPEN Phys Ed emphasizes providing all students with ways to feel engaged and empowered in physical education classes. 

OPEN Phys Ed recently released a new unit of lesson plans and activities for middle school and high school classes. The new unit is called Tools for Teaching Adventure.
Tools for Teaching Adventure contains a dozen detailed lesson plans for activities to teach the adventure learning five core values. Those values are:
Being open-mindedBeing responsibleBeing respectfulBeing committedBeing safe
Like nearly all of the OPEN Phys Ed activities, the lessons and activities in the Tools for Teaching Adventure unit can be done without any special equipment and are accompanied by suggestions for modification. The lesson plans are available to registered OPEN Phys Ed users to download for free. Membership is free. 
Make sure you also check out the OPEN Phys Ed YouTube channel for video demonstrations of a wide range of fun physical education activities.