Focusable is a free app and website that I started using at the start of this school year. It’s a tool that anyone can use to teach themselves to focus on completing difficult tasks, to ignore cheap social media distractions, and to recharge after completing a stressful task. Since September I’ve used Focusable as a progress journal and I’ve used Focusable as an aid to avoid procrastination

Throughout this school year Focusable has added new features and refined existing features to make the user experience better for everyone who uses it. One of those new features is the ability to use Focusable without registering for an account. Those who do register get access to even more free features like recording progress reflections and keeping track of focus streaks. In the last couple of months Focusable has also added more guided “recharge” activities. Recharge activities are breathing, stretching, and similar relaxation exercises you can do at your desk or anywhere else you like. 

In the new video that is embedded below I provide an overview of how you can use Focusable without an account and how you can use it with a free account. 

Video – Try Focusable to Help You and Your Students Stay on Track

You can see how Focusable works from a student’s perspective by watching this video.