Drawing is an enjoyable activity for individuals of all ages. It is also a great way to pass time when feeling bored. Not only does it serve as a creative outlet, but it also provides people with a chance to express themselves in ways they may not be able to do otherwise. If you are in the mood to draw and unleash the creative gene within, here are some practical ideas to help you out. 

Whether you feel bored or you are seriously thinking to start developing your drawing skills, the tips below will definitely provide a helping hand.

Don’t know what to draw? Here are few ideas for inspiration:

-Animals: Animals are always a great subject to draw. From birds and pets to wild animals like tigers and zebras – there’s so much you can explore with this topic!

– Landscapes: Drawing landscapes can be a very relaxing activity that encourages creativity and helps to temporarily escape reality. You also get to practice your shading techniques and hone in your artistic skills.

– Characters: Whether it’s from a movie, a book you like, or a character you created yourself, drawing characters is always an enjoyable way to spend time.

– Objects: Drawing everyday objects can be a great way to pass time. You can draw anything from fruits and vegetables to cups and plates. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to explore different textures and details that can help make your drawings more realistic.

– Activities: You can also draw activities and scenes that you enjoy. This could be anything from a biking in a trail to people playing sports or enjoying their favorite hobbies.

-Cartoons and comics: Cartoons are always fun  and easy to draw. A few simple lines and shapes can make a great cartoon character or scene. Here are some good cartoon and comic strip creators to try out in this regard.

-Food: Drawing food can be a great way to make something unique and different. Think about your favourite dish, its ingredients, and how it looks once it is prepared. Use the power of your imagination to try to replicate it through drawing.

-Insects: Drawing insects is not easy but it can be so much fun. Insects are small and offer plenty of detail and intricacy that can be turned into interesting drawings. Whether you draw them realistically or in cartoons, you’re sure to have a lot of fun.

-Abstract art: Abstract art is all about exploring shapes, lines and color. Drawing abstract pieces can be a great way to get creative and add your own style to your artwork.

-Portraits of People: Drawing portraits is another great way to practice your drawing skills. You can draw historical figures, musicians, politicians, and many more.

– Mandalas: Mandalas are intricate and beautiful. Drawing them can be a great way to find peace and relaxation as well as hone your drawing skills.

-Nature scenes: Drawing nature scenes can engage your drawing skills and push you to be creative. Nature is colorful and intricate allowing you to experiment with various colors, textures and shapes.

– Flowers: Flowers are full of color and detail. Drawing them is a great way to add some vibrancy to your artwork.

-Cities and buildings: Drawing cityscapes and buildings can be a great way to explore perspective and scale. It is also an activity where you get to be creative with your shading and line work.

These are just a few ideas for things to draw when bored, but you can come up with your own too! Regardless of what you decide to draw, remember that the key is to have fun with it and enjoy the process! 

Benefits of Drawing

As a creative activity, drawing has a wide variety of benefits for you. These include

A. Stress and Anxiety Relief: Drawing can be used to reduce stress and anxiety by providing an outlet for self-expression and creativity.

B. Improved Motor Skills: Regular drawing can help improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual-spatial ability.

C. Increased Focus and Concentration: Drawing can help improve focus and concentration, as it requires intense attention to detail.

D. Boosts Self-Esteem: Drawing can have a positive effect on self-confidence leading to increased happiness and satisfaction with the artistic creations that are produced.

Is drawing a way to relax?

Drawing, as is the case with music and all other de-stressers, is a great way to relax and recharge. It is an enjoyable activity that allows you to express your way in creative and usually unexpected ways. Make it a habit to pick a pen and paper (or use an online drawing platform) every single day and draw something fun. Check out drawing suggestions above for inspiration. Drawing with soothing music in the background is even better.

Some helpful drawing tips

The most important tip for a beginner is to practice often. The more you draw, the better you will become at it. You can start with basic shapes and lines and only move on to more complex shapes once you feel comfortable. Pay attention to the details, take your time, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Make sure to use different drawing materials such as colored pencils or markers to explore different techniques.

What is drawing without looking called?

Drawing without looking is called blind contour drawing. It is a way to help improve your observation skills and hand-eye coordination. To do it, simply choose an object and start drawing it without looking at your paper. Keep your eyes focused on the object and make sure your pencil follows its contours as closely as possible. This exercise will help you to be more aware of small details and also strengthen your motor skills.

What are some of the best drawing websites?

Some of the best drawing websites include: Google Quick Draw, AutoDraw.com, Pixilart, Kelki, Sumopaint, among others.  These websites offer a wide variety of resources to help you get started with drawing. They also provide features such as layers, brushes, textures, color palette tools, and more. 


Drawing is a great way to pass the time when feeling bored. It’s an enjoyable activity for all ages and can provide people with a chance to express themselves in ways they may not be able to do so in other areas of their lives. Drawing also has many benefits, including stress relief, improved motor skills, increased focus, and concentration, and boosted self-esteem. And don’t worry about the learning curve, drawing is a stress-free activity and the more you practice it the better you become at it. Keep in mind that the important thing is not the final product but rather the process.

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