Google Maps is one of the tools that I always list as a must-have for history and geography teachers. It provides an easy way to show students multiple, detailed views of the significant natural and human-made landmarks they’re learning about in your classroom. 

Projecting them on a big screen in the front of your classroom is one to show your students specific Google Maps views. That works when all of your students are present and all of them can see the screen. That doesn’t work when you need students to explore a specific location on their own. In that case you may want to use one of the following three methods to share Google Maps views in Google Classroom. 

Option 1: Share a link to a 2D map view. 

Option 2: Share a link to a specific Street View image. 

Option 3: Share latitude and longitude coordinates to direct students to an exact location. 

All three methods are demonstrated in the video that is embedded below. 

Video – Three Ways to Share Google Maps Locations in Google Classroom

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