Over the weekend I got a bunch of questions about my new Practical Ed Tech course, Five Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about taking the course and were wondering about some elements of it. Here’s a short list of some of the FAQs and their answers. 

1. What do you mean by “Almost Every Classroom?” Years ago I did a workshop titled Video Projects for Every Classroom. Someone rightly pointed out that nothing can fit every classroom. So I now say “almost every classroom.” Generally, the projects I teach in the course can be done in most K-12 classrooms. Each lesson has suggested modifications for elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

2. Can this be done on a Chromebook? Yes. In fact, they can be done on iPads, Mac, and Windows computers as well. 

3. Can you tell me what the projects are? I could, but then I’d be giving away most of the course. That said, the styles of videos that you’ll learn to make include green screen, animated videos, instructional videos, and mini-documentaries. 

4. Is there a time limit for completing the course? Take your time. You’ll get one new lesson sent to you every week, but you can take your time to work through it. In other words if you want to spend two or three weeks on each lesson, you can. Your access to the videos in the course is good for one year while all of the handouts are yours to keep forever. 

5. Will I need to install any apps? Possibly. The vast majority of what we’ll do in the course can be done in your web browser and or with apps that are commonly installed on school-owned devices. 

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