The snow in our yard is at least two feet deep right now. This was concerning to my youngest daughter who asked me on the way to school, “can we have spring if it’s still snowy?” My answer, of course, was that spring will still start even if our yard is buried in snow. That then led to a brief explanation about seasons. 

If you find yourself teaching some lessons about the start of spring, here are some resources that you might find helpful. 

Why do birds sing? And how do they learn the songs that they sing? The answers to those questions and more are revealed in a TED-Ed Lesson titled How Do Birds Learn to Sing?
After learning how birds learn to sing, have your students explore The Wall of Birds interactive mural produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The mural features a variety of birds that when clicked on reveal information about that bird, audio of that bird’s call, and a map of that bird’s natural range.

Why do we have seasons? What causes the changes in weather patterns throughout the seasons? The answers to those questions and more are found in the following SciShow Kids video and Crash Course Kids video.

All of these videos are great candidates for use in an EDPuzzle lesson. Here’s an overview of how to use EDpuzzle to turn existing videos into lessons of your own. 
PBS Learning Media’s Classroom Posters collection contains more than a dozen colorful PDFs featuring the letters of the alphabet with representative icons, numbers, shapes, and short words. In the posters collection you’ll also find seasons of the year, months of the year, and weather.
And if you’d like to take your kids outside to learn about the arrival of spring, consider creating some outdoor bingo activities for them.