Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to get creative with your drawing ideas. In this post, I compiled for you some creative Easter drawing ideas you can use with your kids during this holiday season. The purpose is to engage kids in creative learning experiences and let them explore their own artistic expression.

These Easter drawing activities can either be done the traditional way, which is my favourite option, using pen and paper or you can do them digitally with a tablet or an online digital canvas. Either way, make sure to provide kids with clear instructions on the requirements for each activity and give them the freedom to explore their own creativity.

AI Drawing Generators

AI drawing generators are AI-powered tools that generate beautiful drawings based on text (or image) prompts. You can simply ask the AI tool what you want to draw and with a single click you can generate your drawing. However, given that the purpose of Easter drawing activities is to engage kids in hands-on creative activities, AI drawing generators won’t really serve the purpose.

But here is an interesting drawing activity you can use with kids which involves AI drawing tools.

Instead of using AI art generator to create generate their Easter-themed drawings, they can draw them the traditional way and when they are done, they can then use AI art generators to generate  drawings similar to what they have drawn. They can compare their drawings with those produced by AI, discuss any differences and have fun while doing so.

To be able to generate similar images using AI kids will have to come up with accurate and detailed prompts. This will help them practice prompting skill allowing them to learn how to craft prompts that render better results. 

As for Easter drawing ideas, check out the suggestions below

1. Easter Bunny Portrait

This so much fun to draw. Here are the instructions to help you out: First, provide a pencil, paper and eraser to your children and ask them to draw an Easter bunny portrait. They can start by drawing an oval shape for the head and two circles for the eyes. 

Then they can draw the triangular shape of the nose, a smiley mouth, fluffy ears and whiskers on the face. They can also add a bow tie or a flower crown to make the portrait look prettier.

2. Easter Egg Designs

This Easter drawing activity will challenge your kids to engage their full creative potential by creating their own colorful Easter egg designs. Provide them with crayons and colored pencils and ask them to draw an egg shape on a blank paper. They can start decorating the egg using different colors, patterns and shapes such as stripes, stars, dots, hearts and flowers.

3. Easter Basket

Drawing Easter basket is another fun Easter drawing activity to use with your kids. Encourage them to draw an Easter basket filled with eggs, chocolates and little chicks or bunnies as a symbol of the holiday season. Ask them to use different colors for each item they draw and also add details like ribbons to give the basket a festive look.

4. Easter Scene

Easter scene drawing will put your kids skills of observation and design to the test. Ask them to create a beautiful Easter scene with all the elements related to the holiday. For instance, ask them to draw an outdoor setting such as a garden or backyard and include everything from flowers, butterflies and bunnies to carrots, eggs and baskets of treats that are associated with Easter.

5. Easter Animals

Let your children draw different animals like a bunny, lamb, chick or duck and add colorful Easter elements of their choice. They can use their imagination and include items such as eggs, candy, flowers and carrots in the drawing to complete the scene.

6. Egg Hunt Scene

Encourage your kids to draw an egg hunt scene. Ask them to include different characters like kids, family members or animals searching for eggs in the grass or even hiding behind trees and bushes.

7. Easter Table Setting

Help your children draw a complete Easter table setting with all the elements and decorations usually found on a beautiful dinner or brunch table. Ask them to draw festive colors and patterns such as flowers, eggs and bunnies on placemats, plates, glasses and other items for a detailed look.

8. Easter Cards

Help your children make their own special Easter cards for friends and family by having them draw colorful pictures of bunnies, eggs or even religious symbols. Use templates from graphic design sites for inspiration. Once they create their card, they can then write a short message on the front of the card to wish everyone a happy Easter.

9. Easter Parades

Let your kids draw their own version of an Easter parade with different elements of the season such as flowers, bunnies, eggs and even marching bands or dancers. Ask them to use bright colors and get creative with the drawing.

10. Egg Decorating Ideas

Provide your kids with egg-shaped templates and ask them to draw different ideas for decorating them. They can include patterns, shapes, figures or even funny faces on the eggs to make them more interesting.

11. Easter Trees

Ask your kids to draw an Easter tree with colorful eggs and decorations hanging from the branches. They can also include different animals like bunnies, chickens and ducks at the base of the tree for a whimsical touch.

12. Landscape Drawing

Help your children draw a beautiful landscape full of Easter elements such as Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, carrots and flowers. Ask them to use colors wisely and add details like fence posts or birdhouses in the drawing.

13. Easter Jars

Drawing Easter jars can be a fun activity for older kids. Ask them to draw a big jar surrounded by little jars filled with colorful Easter eggs for a festive touch.

These easter drawing ideas should help your children unleash their creativity this Easter season. Let them choose their favorite idea and have fun creating beautiful art pieces! Happy Easter!