Last week I got access to the new version of Bing. The new version of Bing includes a chat function that is powered by ChatGPT. With this function enabled you can search and get results in the traditional manner or you can view results in a manner that is conversational. As you can see in my demo that is embedded below, using the chat-enabled search function in Bing might get you the information you want a little faster than just clicking through links on a search results page. 

Video – Searching With ChatGPT in Bing

Searching with ChatGPT in Bing seems like it could be helpful for things like getting step-by-step directions to solving a problem, baking chocolate chip cookies, and developing a fitness training plan. As I demonstrated in the video above, a couple of little tweaks to your chat can change and customize the results provided by Bing. That said, my video also demonstrated that the chat function isn’t without flaws as it took my “eight weeks” request and generated results for “8-14 hours per week.”