Propello is a new service that offers a free and customizable science learning platform. Propello provides teachers with core science curriculum that is recommended for students in grades six through eight. But because Propello allows teachers to modify materials, the curriculum could be used with younger or older students. 

When you sign-up for a free Propello account you’ll have access to all of the materials on offer. The materials are organized into three sections. Those sections are Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. 

Each of those sections is divided into chapters. Within each chapter there are articles for students to read. Comprehension questions are interspersed within the articles. The articles include pictures, drawings, and videos. Microsoft’s Immersive Reader tool is incorporated into Propello for students to use as needed. 

The articles in Propello are followed by activities and exercises for students to complete on their own and or with classmates and you. 

In Propello you can create learning paths for their students to follow instead of following the curriculum as organized by Propello. You also create groups of students in your Propello account. 

Applications for Education
Propello appears to be in its early stages right now. That said, my preliminary testing of it is promising. If you’re a middle school teacher who is looking for some new material to use this spring or next fall, Propello could be a good resource for you. The teacher guides that go along with every chapter in Propello list all of the standards addressed in the materials for the chapter.