In a few weeks I’m participating in a global bicycling challenge that asks participants to complete 100 miles of biking on one Saturday. I’m going to do it with a couple of my friends. In preparation for that day I’ve been mapping out a variety of routes that we could take. We’ll decide before we start…or, knowing my friends, we might not decide until we start pedaling. community.

I’m planning the possible routes by using the bike route mapping tool in Google’s My Maps. If you want to create a biking route map or walking route map, follow the steps that I outline in the video embedded below.

Applications for Education
Warm weather is finally here (in the Northern Hemisphere) and it’s a good time to encourage students and their parents to enjoy some healthy outdoor activities. Creating some maps of safe biking routes and walking routes then posting them on a school website could be a good way to encourage participating in outdoor activities.