This is the time of year of end-of-year celebrations captured on video. If you have multiple people in your school recording videos to share with a wider audience, you could have everyone send those videos to one person to post to YouTube. Another option, perhaps a bit easier option, is to have those people collaborate on one YouTube channel. 

You can enable collaboration on a YouTube channel through the permissions settings in YouTube Studio. In the permissions you’ll find options for inviting channel editors and managers. Simply enter the email address of the person you want to invite and he/she will get a notification with a link to join the channel with their assigned role. 

Video – How to Enable Collaboration on a YouTube Channel

It’s important to note that if you are doing this in a Google Workspace for Education domain, the people that you invite as co-managers or editors on your YouTube channel should have email addresses within the same domain.

On a related note, when you are posting long videos like recordings of awards ceremonies it can be helpful to include timestamps in your video. Here’s how to do that.