About once a week I get a spammy email from someone trying to sell me domain names related to online spelling games and spelling apps. I got another one of those this morning. I took it as a sign that I should put together a new post about online spelling games and spelling apps. Here are some of the most popular ones that I’ve featured over the last fifteen+ years of running this blog. 

Flippity’s Spelling Words
is a free Google Sheets template that you can use to create individualized spelling games for your students. To do this you simply have to make a list of words that you want each of your students to practice. You’ll then put those lists under your students’ names in a Google Sheets template that is provided by Flippity. The following tutorial video walks you through the process of creating individualized spelling games in with Flippity’s Spelling Words template.

ABCya offers hundreds of games covering a wide range of topics. The games are designed for K-6 students. One of the spelling games that you might want to try is Submarine Spelling. Submarine Spelling is a based on the Dolch Word List. Students progress through the list by hearing then spelling each word by dragging and dropping letters into the correct order. Spelling the words correctly moves students’ submarines through the ocean.

Sight Word Bingo is a game that I tried with my five year old. The concept of this game is a fairly simple one. I chose the range of words for the game then set the size of the bingo board. To play the game she had to listen to words read aloud then tap the corresponding word on the bingo board. When a line of words was connected she earned a little “bingo monster” avatar. Sight Word Bingo includes vocabulary words appropriate for Kindergarten through third grade.

Educandy is a neat service for creating simple vocabulary games and multiple choice trivia games. A convenient aspect of the service is that once you’ve created a list of vocabulary words it will automatically be applied to multiple game formats for you. In other words, write one word list and you’ll get a few games that your students can play. Your students can play the games without needing to create an account on the Educandy site. In the following video I provide an overview of how you can create games on Educandy and how your students can access your games.

Construct-a-Word is a Read Write Think interactive activity for K-2 students. In the activity students choose an ending for a word then have to choose the beginnings of words to match the endings. The game gives students feedback on when they are correct or incorrect. It can be played without registering for an account.