Capricia Productions and Beyond Frames Entertainment unveiled a new VR platformer during UploadVR’s Summer Showcase that looks to take Gorilla Tag’s knuckle-dragging locomotion scheme and crank it to eleven for some fast-paced first-person platforming action.

Called Outta Hand, the game lets you embody one of the Hand-People, which developer Capricia calls “wide-eyed, hop-happy lab experiments with the power to jump great heights, leap impossible lengths, and shake hands from… really, really far away.”

Here’s how the studio describes the setup:

Due to not being dumb enough, loveable as you are, Dr. Vendelvom has selected you for immediate termination. Not like fired gone, more like dead gone.

To save yourself and your brethren, you must platform, jump, bounce, and punch your way through the bad doctor’s laboratory with your… uh… very long arms, to take down him and all his baddies. With multiple levels and boss fights along with an endless mode, things might get, shall we say, a little bit “out of hand?” Get it?! No? Fine…

Outta Hand is slated to arrive on Quest at some point this fall. Capricia hasn’t mentioned other VR platforms at this time, although we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on the game’s new Twitter profile for more info as we approach the fall launch window.

This will be Capricia’s first VR game, following the release of Of Bird and Cage (2021) for traditional monitors. Publisher Beyond Frames Entertainment is known for a number of VR titles, including Ghosts of Tabor, ARK and ADE, Mixture, Down the Rabbit Hole, and Silhouette.