Vertigo Games and VR indie Agera Games announced a new platformer that looks to test your agility, timing, and ability to grab bananas as you swing atop a maze of monkey bars high above the clouds.

Called TOSS!, you propel yourself through a cloudscape jungle-gym playground as you strive to repair your damaged spaceship and make your way back home.

In addition to searching out replacement parts for your ship, you’ll also be able to play with a number of modes, such as racing against the clock in Time Attack mode, collecting every last banana in sight, and honing your swinging expertise by minimizing grabs. The game is said to include 75+ levels spread across nine cloudscape biomes.

While TOSS! is set to be single-player, you’ll be able to challenge friends to asynchronous races, represented with a ghostly trail to follow (or beat).

Developed by Agera Games, TOSS! is being published by VR veteran studio Vertigo Games, which is known for a host of VR games such as After the Fall and the Arizona Sunshine series.

The high-flying platformer is set to launch on Meta Quest, SteamVR, and PSVR 2 on September 7th, 2023.