Last Saturday I announced the launch of a new course titled 25 Search Strategies You Need to Know. In the five days since then a bunch of you have registered for the course, thank you! Even more of you have sent me questions about the course. Here are the answers to some of those questions. 

1. Can I get CEU hours/ contact hours for this course? Every lesson is intended to take you about one hour to complete. When you complete the course I will give you a certificate of completion for five hours. Whether or not your school district, state, or province will accept it for CEU/ contact hours is something that you’ll have to determine in consultation with them. 

2. Is there a time limit for completing the course? Take your time. You’ll get one new lesson sent to you every week, but you can take your time to work through it. In other words if you want to spend two or three weeks on each lesson, you can. Your access to the videos in the course is good for one year while all of the handouts are yours to keep forever. 

3. Can you take a purchase order? Yes, I can usually. That said, it is much simpler and faster for both of us if you register online. You’d be surprised at the amount of onerous paperwork that some schools require for their PO process. 

4. Can I do this course on my phone or iPad? Yes, you can. All of the materials can be accessed wherever you normally read your email. That said, it will probably be easier to work through and keep track of the materials if you do the course on a laptop or desktop computer. 

5. Is there a group rate? There sure is! If you have five or more people from your school who want to take the course, I’ll give you a discount on top of the early registration discount that runs through Sunday. Email me at richard (at) or richardbyrne (at) for details on group registration discounts.

About the Course

25 Search Strategies You Need to Know is a five-part course in which I’ll teach you my favorite search strategies. More importantly, I’ll teach you how I teach these strategies to students in grades three through twelve. The course includes written lessons, video tutorials, and handouts that you can use with your students. 

Highlights of the course include:

How to responsibly use AI search tools like ChatGPT and Bard. Search guides for your students.Introducing students to alternatives to Google search.Organizing search findings. Search refinement strategies for all students.

Course Format
25 Search Strategies You Need to Know will be delivered to your inbox as a series of five weekly lessons. The first lesson will be delivered on July 1st at 6am ET.