Return of the Cat Mummy is a new game from Google Arts and Culture. The game is set in the animated backdrop of ancient Egypt. In the game you control a cat mummy to collect items for a pharaoh to take to the afterlife. 

Return of the Cat Mummy has five levels. In each level there are hazards to avoid in the quest to collect all of the artifacts. True to the cat theme, you have nine “lives” in which to complete the levels. You control the cat mummy by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. 

Applications for Education
I wish that the game provided students with information about the artifacts they collect while playing the game. That said, you could have students play the game and then look in the Google Arts and Culture website for ancient Egyptian artifacts. The game could also be a nice companion activity for students who are reading the Magic Treehouse book Mummies in the Morning (a series of books my daughters currently enjoy).