Like I do at this time every year, in the last few weeks I’ve fielded a bunch of questions from readers who are moving into new jobs at schools that use Google Workspace for Education. And while I have a lot of Google Workspace tutorials available on my YouTube channel, I think it’s time that I update many of them. That’s why this week and over the next few weeks I’ll be publishing some new Google Workspace for Edu tutorials. This week will be all about Google Forms. 

Earlier this week I shared tutorials on how to make your first quiz in Google Forms and how to customize the appearance of that quiz. Today, I have a tutorial for you to follow to use pictures and videos in your Google Forms quizzes. 

In the tutorial that is embedded below I demonstrate the following: 

How to use pictures as question prompts in Google Forms. How to use pictures as answer choices in Google Forms.How to use videos as question prompts in Google Forms.How to use videos to give feedback in Google Forms.