SPACE BALL is a sports game currently free on Quest that mashes up Gorilla Tag’s movement scheme and the fast-paced gameplay of Rocket League. Indie VR studio 31 Labs announced it’s bringing the game to PC VR headsets next month.

The competitive multiplayer game offers up a number of modes, including Basketball, Soccer and Handball modes, letting players can go 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 online, or play against bots to practice their skills.

Gorilla Tag and its knuckle-dragging locomotion scheme has definitely influenced Space Ball too, as players move about the field by pushing off the arena floor, also letting you execute boosts mid-air for quicker gameplay.

Space Ball is already available for free on Quest App Lab, but starting July 13th it will be launching for free on Steam Early Access too. It’s still early days for Space Ball, so if you’re looking for a match, you might want to join the game’s Discord (invite link) to find like-minded rocket-gorillas such as yourself.

To see Space Ball in action, check out a full introduction to the game from YouTuber ‘SpookyFairy VR’ for a quick look at gameplay: