Google Arts & Culture has a lot of fun, interesting, and educational games for students. A couple of weeks ago I shared Return of the Cat Mummy from Google Arts & Culture. Last week, thanks to Tony Vincent, I learned about another fun game from Google Arts & Culture.

Odd One Out is a fun game from Google Arts & Culture. In the game you’re shown four images and you have to guess which one is the one created by artificial intelligence. You have four guesses before the game is over. 

Applications for Education
The three real images are artifacts from museums and galleries available on the Google Arts & Culture. From that perspective the game provides some nice inspiration for conversation and research about the artifacts. The game could also be instructive as a tool for teaching about the difficulty of distinguishing between real and fake things online. I also like the idea of using the game as a source of conversation about using clues to make an informed choice or guess from the information available to you.