In this week’s Practical Ed Tech newsletter I mentioned that I recently went on a bit of a quest to find research about the value of good graphic design in the context of education. Thanks to Google Scholar, I was successful in finding some good information about the value of well-designed slides in education. Along the way I also came across a helpful guide to graphic design in educational technology. 

In the summer/ spring 2021 issue of C2C Digital Magazine Renata Kuba published Presentation Matters: Basics of Graphic Design in Educational Technology. The guide does a good job of succinctly explaining and demonstrating key elements of good slide design. The guide covers how to use contrasting colors, differentiating fonts, and implementing the use of grids to help you design your slides. 

Presentation Matters: Basics of Graphic Design in Educational Technology can be read in its entirety on the C2C Digital Magazine website. I found the article through Google Scholar where a PDF version is available to download for free. 

On a related note, once you’ve read the guide you may want to start putting the ideas into action in Google Slides or Canva. I’ve recently updated my playlists of tutorials for both of those tools. The respective playlists are included below. 

Playlist – 76 Google Slides Tutorials for Teachers

Playlist – 69 Canva Tutorials for Teachers