As a former teacher and a current edtech blogger, I’ve spent countless hours both within and outside the classroom, which has given me the opportunity to truly understand what it takes to create a vibrant, effective, and well-equipped learning environment. Over the years, I’ve learned that while every teacher has a unique style and approach, there are certain supplies that are universally beneficial.

Whether you’re a new teacher outfitting your first classroom or a seasoned educator looking for ways to enhance your existing setup, this comprehensive list has got you covered.

It’s not just about stocking up, it’s about being well-prepared and creating an atmosphere where students can thrive. I’ve divided this post into five categories – Stationary Supplies, Classroom Organization and Decoration, Teaching Aids and Learning Resources, Sanitation and Health Supplies, and Other Classroom Supplies – to help you navigate through the array of options and identify the items that will best serve your needs.

From indispensable stationary supplies like markers and staplers to interactive teaching aids such as interactive whiteboards and document cameras, this ultimate teacher supplies lies has it all.

We’ll explore some practical organization and decoration items that foster a structured yet welcoming environment, as well as health supplies to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the room. And let’s not forget those other supplies that, while not immediately thought of, can significantly enhance the comfort and functionality of your space.

The Ultimate Teacher Supplies List

Check out the items we have include for you in this teacher supplies list:

Stationery Supplies

These are the fundamental tools that power a teacher’s day-to-day activities. From marking assignments with permanent markers to making notes on post-its, these items form the backbone of the educational process.

Dry Erase Markers: Used on whiteboards for lessons, brainstorming, and interactive learning.

Permanent Markers: Useful for labeling items in the classroom that need to withstand regular handling.

Colored Pencils: Great for art projects, color-coding, or highlighting important information in texts.

Post-it Notes: Perfect for quick notes, reminders, or to mark pages in books. They can also be used for interactive classroom activities.

Binder Clips: Useful for keeping papers and other documents organized and together.

Clipboards: Handy for keeping papers secure during activities outside of the desk or outside of the classroom.

Spiral Notebooks: Ideal for note taking, journaling activities, or for students to keep track of their assignments.

Stapler & Staples: Essential for keeping multi-page documents together.

Scissors: Necessary for all kinds of classroom projects and activities, from art to science.

Pencil Sharpener: A classroom must-have to keep pencils sharp and ready for use.

Pencils & Erasers: The basic tools for writing and drawing in the classroom.

Electric Pencil Sharpener: A time-saving device to quickly sharpen multiple pencils.

Highlighters: Useful for students to highlight important text in books, notes, or handouts.

Rulers: Necessary for measuring, drawing straight lines, or learning about length and distance.

Glue Sticks: Essential for art projects, collages, and other paper-based activities.

Rubber Bands: Great for bundling items together and for various classroom activities.

Hole Punch: Helpful for organizing papers in binders.

Colored Chalk: Useful for adding a pop of color to chalkboard writings and drawings.

Novelty Erasers: Fun erasers can make correcting mistakes more enjoyable for students.

Flip Chart Markers: Great for writing on flip charts during presentations or group brainstorming sessions.

2-sided Tape: Handy for mounting items without leaving a visible residue.

Electrical Tape: Useful for dividing whiteboards into sections for different subjects or activities.

Painter’s Tape: Ideal for hanging posters or student work on walls without causing damage.

Magnetic Tape: Useful for hanging items on metal surfaces, such as magnetic whiteboards.

Velcro Tape: Perfect for creating interactive bulletin boards or for items that need to be moved frequently.

Packing Tape: Ideal for sealing boxes, or for heavy duty projects.

Washi Tape: A decorative tape that can add a pop of color and personality to almost anything.

Duct Tape: Known for its strength and durability, it can be used for a multitude of purposes in the classroom.

Staples: Used with a stapler to keep multi-page documents together.

Staple Remover: Handy for safely removing staples from documents without causing damage.

Sticky Tack: Useful for hanging up posters or decorations without leaving a residue on walls.

Mounting Squares: Ideal for securely attaching items to walls or other surfaces.

Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks: A must-have for craft projects, capable of bonding a wide variety of materials together quickly and securely.

Classroom Organization and Decoration

This category involves items that help keep the classroom tidy, organized, and engaging. These tools not only brighten up the room, but also promote a conducive and stimulating learning environment. For more resources check out our post entitle 15 creative classroom decoration ideas.

Whiteboard Erasers: Essential for cleaning the whiteboard after lessons or discussions.

Sticky Tac: Great for hanging up posters or decorations without leaving residue on walls.

Pocket Charts: These can be used for scheduling, behavior management, or displaying student work.

Student Desk Organizers: Helps students keep their supplies tidy and within reach, promoting an organized learning environment.

Classroom Timer: Useful for keeping track of time during tests, activities, or breaks.

Desk Caddies: Helps keep shared classroom materials organized and accessible to all students.

Classroom Mailbox: Ideal for distributing handouts or returning graded work in an organized way.

Bulletin Board Borders: A decorative element to frame your bulletin board and make it more appealing.

Bulletin Board Push Pins: Essential for attaching items to the bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Paper: Provides a colorful or themed backdrop for your bulletin board.

Classroom Library Book Bins: Keeps books organized by reading level, genre, or author.

Desk Name Plates: Helps identify seating arrangements and fosters a sense of belonging among students.

Magnets: Handy for attaching items to the whiteboard or other magnetic surfaces.

Command Hooks: Ideal for hanging items on walls or other surfaces without leaving a mark. They can hold anything from student artwork to learning aids or classroom decorations.

Teaching Aids and Learning Resources

This category is all about tools that enhance the teaching process and facilitate student learning. Whether it’s a document camera to share images or manipulatives to support math learning, these resources promote interactive and effective teaching.

Document Camera: Allows you to project and share book images or student work with the class.

Calculators: Essential for math classes, especially for advanced computations in upper grades.

Interactive Whiteboard: An engaging tool for interactive lessons and collaborative work.

Headphones: Useful for computer lab time or for students who are using interactive educational software.

Classroom Posters: Visually present information to aid in learning and make the classroom more engaging.

Privacy Shields: Help to prevent cheating during tests and can also provide students with a personal work space.

Noise-Canceling Headphones: Useful for students who need a quiet environment to focus.

Projector: Essential for displaying lessons, videos, and student presentations to the entire class.

USB Drive: Helps store and transfer digital files.

Wireless Mouse: Facilitates navigation on a computer, especially during presentations.

Teacher Planner: Helps keep lesson plans, meetings, and important dates organized.

Index Cards: Useful for a variety of activities, from flashcards to note-taking.

Letter Stickers: Perfect for creating bulletin boards, posters, or labeling in the classroom.

3-Ring Binders: Help organize handouts, lessons, and other important papers.

Sheet Protectors: Useful for preserving important documents or student work.

Bookmarks: Aid in promoting reading and keeping track of where students left off.

Math Manipulatives: Hands-on tools that help students learn mathematical concepts.

Educational Games: Make learning fun and encourage student engagement.

Microscope: Essential for science classes to explore minute details of the natural world.

Globe: A useful tool for teaching geography and cultures.

Teaching Pointer: Helps focus students’ attention during lessons.

Lab Supplies: Necessary for conducting science experiments.

Individual Whiteboards: Useful for quick assessments or practice work.

Thesaurus and Dictionaries: Aid in vocabulary development and improving writing skills.

Attendance Book: Helps keep track of student attendance.

Protractor and Compass: Essential tools for geometry lessons.

Digital Camera: Useful for documenting class activities or projects.

Puzzles: Help develop problem-solving skills and can also be a fun reward or free-time activity.

Musical Instruments: Enhance music education and can also be used for brain breaks.

Flash Drive: Useful for storing and transferring digital lesson plans, grades, and other documents.

Sanitation and Health Supplies

In a classroom setting, hygiene and health are of utmost importance. This category includes items that help maintain cleanliness and handle minor health issues, ensuring a safe learning environment for all.

Hand Sanitizer: Essential for maintaining hygiene in the classroom, especially during flu and cold season. Helps kill germs and prevent their spread when washing hands isn’t immediately possible.

Facial Tissues: Useful for everyday classroom situations – from runny noses to small spills. It’s always handy to have a box or two around.

Disinfecting Wipes: Perfect for cleaning desks, doorknobs, and other shared surfaces to help prevent the spread of germs.

First Aid Kit: A classroom necessity for handling minor injuries like cuts and scrapes. A well-stocked first aid kit should include items like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and gauze.

Other Classroom Supplies

These are additional supplies that support various classroom activities. From chart paper for brainstorming to a comfortable chair for the teacher’s desk, these tools contribute to the overall efficiency and comfort of the classroom setting.

Chart Paper: Ideal for brainstorming sessions, group projects, and presentations. It’s also great for jotting down classroom discussions for everyone to see.

Paint Set: An essential item for art projects, allowing students to express their creativity.

Crayons: A must-have for drawing and coloring activities in the classroom, especially for younger students.

Construction Paper: Used in a multitude of craft projects and activities, this type of paper is thicker and more durable than regular paper.

Wall Clock: Helps students learn time management skills and keeps the classroom schedule on track.

Printer/Copier: Useful for making handouts, worksheets, and other necessary classroom materials.

Mini Fridge: Handy for storing lunches, snacks, or drinks, especially if the teachers’ lounge is far from your classroom.

Comfortable Chair: A comfortable chair can make all the difference during a long day of teaching. It’s not just for comfort, but also important for maintaining good posture and reducing strain during desk work.

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