I’m taking the week off to do a bunch of fun things with my kids. While I’m away the most popular posts of the year so far will reappear.

In a video that I published earlier this year I mentioned that the vast majority of my videos don’t get more than a few hundred views. But there are some outliers. The biggest outlier is my simple video about the basics of creating a quiz in Google Forms which has received nearly half a million views. That’s just one of forty-seven Google Forms tutorials available on my YouTube channel

On my YouTube channel and in my playlist of Google Forms tutorials you’ll find tutorials for everything from the basics of making a quiz in Google Forms to adding voice comments to Google Forms and a whole bunch other things in between those extremes. Some highlights from the playlist are linked below. 

The Basics of Creating a Quiz in Google Forms

How to Import and Copy Questions One Google Form to Another

Add Voice Recordings to Google Forms Questions, Answer Choices, and Feedback

How to Collect Pictures Through Google Forms

How to Use Custom Fonts in Google Forms

How to Add Alt Text to Images in Google Forms