When you return to school this fall Google Classroom will have some new features for you to try. One of those new features that was recently announced is more control over assignment submissions. And unlike some of the features announced earlier this summer, this update is one that will be available to all teachers regardless of which version of Google Workspaces their schools use. 

Latest feature added to Google Classroom is the ability to completely prevent assignment submissions after a set due date. Previously, students could submit an assignment after a due date and the assignment would simply be marked as late. Now, if you enable the setting, students won’t be able to make a submission at all after a due date has passed. 

Applications for Education

I can see this feature being welcomed by some teachers and schools who have strict assignment deadlines. I can also see it being a hassle if you decide later in the semester to make an exception and allow students to submit late assignments. Either way, you’ll soon be able to test the strict deadline feature for yourself.